Project Epics and Tasks

Generates a comprehensive list of Epics with included development tasks for your project.

Project Epics are high-level summaries of large-scale features or initiatives that should be accomplished in order to deliver a business result. Epics capture the entire scope of work that is necessary for a broad business effort.

Development tasks on the other hand, describe the requirements of a feature or functionality in detail. They are chunks of work that can be completed in one sprint.

How it works?

  1. Describe your project in a few sentences.
  2. AI will provide you with a list of the 10-20 potential Epics, so you can select the ones that you find most relevant.
  3. AI will generate a list of development tasks for each of your selected Epics.
Project Epics and Tasks

Examples of Project Epics and Tasks:

Project Epics and Tasks

A logistics app that connects transportation companies and truck drivers with business clients who need transportation services

Project Epics and Tasks

Logistics platform that connects truck drivers and driving companies with companies who needs regular cargo transportation services.

Generate Project Epics and Tasks

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